White screen with WP Rocket and non-writable .htaccess

We’ve been messing around with the WP Rocket caching plugin lately and managed to stumble upon two weird issues that were seemingly unrelated: Firstly when enabling WP Rocket with just Apache processing and no nginx, it was seemingly unable to write to the .htaccess file (despite having FastCGI access enabled for PHP and definitely having […]

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How to complete an Interac e-Transfer

Originally called an Email Money Transfer, Interac e-Transfers allow for instant transfer of funds between Canadian banks for around $1 per transaction. Websavers Inc began accepting e-Transfers in 2005 and has been doing so ever since! There are only two cases where we recommend using a payment method other than Interac e-Transfers, such as a credit card […]

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Keep your plugins updated!

It has been brought to our attention that the popular “All-In-One SEO” plugin for WordPress leaves your website open to what is called a cross-site scripting attack. This means both your website and your visitor’s computers could be vulnerable when visiting your website! Please be sure to login to your WordPress install and update the […]

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What you need to create a website

This is an overview of how web hosting works and the services you require when operating a website. In the following outline, the first three are the required components. While search marketing is optional, if you intend to make money or bring in new business from your website, then Online Marketing is a necessary component as well. Domain […]

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Where have we been?

You might think we’ve been a bit sparse on the blog posts lately. Fortunately that’s not entirely the case! We recently split the how tos / guides section from websavers.org over to its own site; a site dedicated to providing free help resources for anything and everything web hosting! If you don’t see much going […]

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Finding your home in the cloud

Everything seems to be ‘in the cloud’ these days, and why not? There’s a lot of great convenient features of having cloud-hosted platforms. When I think of ‘the cloud’, the first thing that pops to mind is having my email, calendar, contacts, notes, files, etc all available from anywhere. Hosted securely and accessible to me […]

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How to archive your email off-server

Leaving your email server-side only, such as when using IMAP, results in great synchronization between your multitude of mobile devices, however it also means you have a single point of failure. Arching locally every once in a while means you’ll always have a backup of your email on your computer. If your computer is configured […]

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What to do with your website to lose my attention.

Poor organization The organization of a website can rarely just be thrown together at the last minute; with the best of websites, their organizational structure is well thought through long before the site is put together. A poorly organized website will lead visitors away from, or down an indirect path towards, the pages they’re looking […]

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