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    Why Websavers?

    Because we're just like you: Smart, Efficient, and Friendly.

We’re a personable and socially responsible company that was founded in 2004 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We aim to provide web services that are easier to use than any of our competitors. We are the company that thousands of individuals and organizations trust every day to keep their websites, emails, radio streams and other data secure and consistently available.

We set out to provide no hassle web hosting with the industry’s leading service and support at an affordable price. Since then we’ve expanded into markets that we found lacking such as Radio hostingVirtual Server hosting, great value web design, and most recently, Online Marketing and SEO.

We are proudly Canadian. Being based in Nova Scotia, we also bring our Maritime friendliness to work. We are an easy going and energetic team of hosting experts.

Our Five Values

User Experience

We build our systems to make it easy to manage your online services. We’ve spent thousands of hours coding and integrating complex systems to provide you with quick and simple access to everything you need to maintain your services with us. We put more detail into our beautiful designs than nearly all other web service providers offering similar services. We do this because we believe that a control panel with an intuitive design and software solutions that are simple to understand make finding the things you’re looking for faster and easier.

Quality of Service

Unlike social media services (Facebook, Google+) and free hosting and design providers (Weebly, Wix), we don’t waste engineering time developing new ways to sell your personal data or inject shady advertisements into your website. Instead, we focus on building the most reliable, secure, and best valued service we can provide.

Private Data

We are selling our storage, processing power, extensive wealth of knowledge and our outstanding customer service, not your personal property. We will never steal or sell your data. You own your content and domain name and we promise to continue helping you improve and maintain it for as long as you keep your account balanced.

Powerful Access Control

We believe it is not only your right, but also our responsibility to ensure you have access to self-manage every service and all data you have with us. Whether that is a website design, email account management, or domain ownership management, they’re yours to control as long as you continue service with us. Not ours! That means you can back-up, export, and delete any and all data at the time of your choosing.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Websavers’ financial incentives are entirely tied to providing a secure and reliable service that you can depend on. We spend 100% of our time and your payments working to maintain and improve your service, not to pad our wallets with excessive executive bonuses.


While our staff are located in Halifax and Vancouver, our physical servers are situated in best-in-class datacentre facilities all across North America. Most of our servers reside in Montreal, Canada, although you may also choose to host in Buffalo if you wish to have your web and email storage on American soil.

Our Shared Servers and Virtual Private Servers operate on an OpenVZ virtualization layer atop bare metal with specs ranging from 4-16 cores, 32GB – 128GB RAM, 2-6TB storage and unlimited 500Mbit – 1Gbit bandwidth.

Our disaster recovery backup solution is two-fold with near-instant hard drive failure recovery via RAID 1 mirrored configuration, and off-server backups to a 30TB storage server.

The Team

We are proudly Canadian. Being based in Nova Scotia we also bring our Maritime friendliness to work. We are an easy going and energetic team of web services experts.


Jordan Schelew

Founder and President

Meet Jordan. Jordan has been dabbling in all things computers since he was just a kid. After completing his Computer Science and Business degree at Dalhousie University, he continued working as a computer service technician for 12 years. He always knew his calling was in the intersection of business and technology and now he makes use of both skills full-time at Websavers Inc.

While not working on web development projects and server upgrades, Jordan is often found playing tennis, reading or drinking some hot tea.


Allen Pooley

President of Operations

Meet Allen. Allen has been working on websites and server management since 2001. During his initial time with Websavers Allen was also building eLearning courses and websites for some of the largest professional services firms in the world. Now he's not only a valued member of the Websavers support team; he's also a part owner and in charge of everything server-related!

An avid technology and food enthusiast, Allen is typically found nursing a coffee and playing with his latest and shiniest piece of technology, cooking up some delicious culinary creation, or hammering out updates to his various websites.